Surgeon jobs in Equine

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  • Approach To The Weak Horse

    • Vetacademy
    • Equine, Neurology

    The most important causes of weakness in horses include botulism and Equine Motor Neuron Disease (EMND), although myopathies and systemic disease may also cause similar signs. T...

  • Approach To The Stiff Horse

    • Vetacademy
    • Equine

    Speaker Andy Van Eps Support and Resource Recorded at the NAVC Conference 2013. This module contains a video recording of the lecture and a range of self-assessment ...

  • Approach To Vestibular Disease

    • Vetacademy
    • Equine, Medicine

    Horses may suddenly lose their balance due to either central or peripheral vestibular disease. Common causes of vestibular disease, as well as a diagnostic and treatment plan, i...