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Summergrove Vets, Malpas

01633 858599
161 Larch Grove
NP20 6LA

The Summerhill Group of veterinary practices began life in the basement of the family home – adjacent to the current surgery in Summerhill Avenue – back in the 1960’s, by Jean Morris. It was a family-run, family-orientated practice that fulfilled the need for an affordable veterinary service to the local community.

From the single consultancy room way-back then, the group now operates from ten practices and provides dedicated pet care across the entire South Wales region.

The Summerhill Avenue surgery has been extended three times, and in 2005, a derelict site adjacent to the surgery was acquired and turned into their very own car park.

We have the latest technological equipment, including our own laboratory for tissue and blood sample testing and analysis. Our surgical facilities include state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment, and our theatres are equipped with every surgical appliance that will ever be required. In addition, we have air-conditioned recovery rooms, nurses’ clinics, and a genuine will to help wherever and however we can.

Summerhill Vets has expanded over the years because, put simply, we care!

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