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About Vets One Group

We are a small, family operated and owned Veterinary Hospital located just outside Downham Market in West Norfolk.

Little things in this world matter. So we have invested in ensuring that under our roof, you will find technology that is world class, a team that are continually trained and developed and regardless of the hour, a smile on arrival, coffee when needed and a hug when words just don’t cut it.

We currently have around 13,000 patients.  But we know that Charlie, the 13 year old Scottish Terrier is the most important dog in the world to Mrs Darby (who is 82) and we know that Mrs Stevens, only has eyes for Killer, her 14 year old Ginger Tom Cat. Charlie and Killer are treated as unique and important little people with four legs.  Mrs Darby and Mrs Stevens the same.

We are open 24 hours a day. Advice is free. All consultations are booked into 20 minute time slots and we have abundant car parking. If you need us.  We are open.

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