Chaseview Veterinary Clinic

About Chaseview Veterinary Clinic

We understand that your pet is a very special member of your family and our aim is to offer a friendly, caring and compassionate professional service for our patients throughout their life.

Our facilities include stables and paddocks on site as well as the usual visiting service.

The practice has been successfully serving the local farming community for decades. We are proud of our working relationship with our faming clients which has been enhanced by our in depth understanding and involvement in preventative health schemes.

Chaseview Veterinary Clinic provides a local high quality first opinion service for pets, farm animals and horses. The present clinic, established in spacious premises at Hildersley in 1995, is a continuation of a surgery that has been serving the people of Ross and the surrounding area since at least the first half of the last century. It is a testament to their loyalty that some of our customers still remember the vets of that time. We hope that although the personnel may have changed over the years the underlying ethos of providing a friendly and compassionate service, 24hours a day, 7 days a week has continued.

The three partners Nick Hart, Nigel Misselbrook and Kate Kerry are assisted by two other veterinary surgeons, six veterinary nurses, and four ladies in reception and accounts. Moving to the outskirts of the town at Hildersley has enabled the practice to expand, initially by extending the premises and investing in new equipment and three years ago by the establishment of The Wye Valley Canine Hydrotherapy Referral Clinic on the same site. This facility is run by trained veterinary nurses and has proved remarkably effective for rehabilitation, weight loss and fitness of dogs referred by veterinary practices across the region.

Carrying out a vocation that we love in a beautiful part of the country is a privilege that we hope will continue for many years.

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