Roundwood Vets

About Roundwood Vets

We are an independently owned boutique practice in London who cares about people as much as we do animals. We are looking for people who share our values and want a career with a practice where life is a bit different. To give you an idea of what things we are looking for and also what to expect if you come to work with us, we're delighted to share our values statement with you. So here goes....It's important that we...

Get better - keep learning and improving.

Keep making our systems simpler. And keep helping those around you to achieve their goals. Don’t do it the hard way when there’s an easy way instead.

Have fun - work stops being a chore when you do what you love and master it. Life’s better when we smile not frown.

Act with integrity - real trust builds only when we do what feels right, we’re honest and we keep our word.

Take pride - you worked hard to get here and you made a difference to somebody’s life today.

Be nice - all people and creatures (even spiders) deserve our respect and our kindness, not our judgement. True happiness comes from helping others, so we give everyone a fair go.

If these statements connect with you then we'd love to hear from you.

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