Corby Veterinary Surgery

About Corby Veterinary Surgery

We are part of a family-run group of small animal practices in the Northamptonshire area. Our sister practices in Oundle and Thrapston are an important part of their local communities, maintaining a freindly and caring approach whilst striving to continue to improve and develop the standards and services offered. Our aim is to provide a high standard of first opinion preventative healthcare and advice.

At our practice we aim to look after all your pets needs no matter how small. We offer a variety of consulting times for you to arrange an appoinment at your convenience. We operate on this basis to try and avoid any unnecessary waiting for you and stress to your pets.

We strive to provide a high level of clinical care in a friendly and relaxed environment. Continuity of care is essential to our approach so will we always endeavour to offer you a consultation to see the vet of your choice at a time that suits you.

We offer first opinion consults for all your pets health concerns, as well as preventative care such as healthchecks and vaccinations. Most areas of surgery are offered including neutering, lump removals and more complex soft tissue surgical procedures.

We routinely offer pre-anaesthetic blood screens to check the health of the liver and kidneys in older patients requiring a general anaesthetic. By doing so we can identify higher risk patients and put measures in place to make their anaesthetic as safe as possible.

We have a fully equipped laboratory including microscopy and rapid blood sample analysis machines which allow us to obtain rapid and accurate results for urgent cases.

We also have an imaging suite including a new state of the art x-ray machine to produce top quality diagnostic images. This can enable us in some cases to reach a diagnosis without further invasive tests.

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