Halian Veterinary Centre

About Halian Veterinary Centre

Car Park - the private area is adjacent to the practice and has ample room even to allow the dogs to stretch their legs a little. 

Waiting Rooms - We have a separate dog and cat area, so mortal enemies don't have to sit next to each other!

In House Laboratory - most blood tests can be run on site, and the results are usually available the same day. 

X-ray Machine - This allows us to take pictures of your pet - the bones and outlines of the organs show up and help to make a diagnosis.

Cattery and Kennels - the dogs and cats are in separate areas of the ward so reduces the stress for those patients who need to stay in hospital with us.

Consulting Room - this is large enough for the biggest dog with room to spare, and lots of ledges for the cats to perch upon. We offer 15 minute appointments so you don't feel rushed.

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