East Grinstead Veterinary Centre

About East Grinstead Veterinary Centre

The vets at the East Grinstead Veterinary Hospital aim to practice the very highest standard of medicine and surgery.

We undertake a wide variety of clinical procedures to both help us make a diagnosis, and then treat any problems we find. With more than 40 years experience between them, the vets have a wide range of particular interests and skills, including; orthopaedic and soft-tissue surgery, clinical diagnostic medicine, ultrasonography, endoscopy and clinical laboratory medicine.

The hospital has a well equiped laboratory with, amongst other things, a high quality Synermed® blood biochemistry analyser and a Medica® blood electrolyte machine allowing us to perform a wide variety of blood tests (including health screens, liver and kidney studies and thyroid hormone levels). We also have a new Motic® binocular microscope, which allows us to examine; urine, blood cells, discharges and some lumps and bumps.

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