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About Vetrica Ltd

Pets are part of the family… At Vetrica we specialise in creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere – providing you and your pets with the most comfortable environment possible. With almost half of UK homes owning at least one pet, we know it’s imperative that your pets live a long and happy life, in short, we understand how important your pets are to you. This is why we are firm believers in working with preventative care. We believe that making sure your animals are the healthiest they can be from the moment you take them home, will make you and your pet delighted. Quality healthcare for your pets will mean they enjoy the rest of their life. Having been in business since 2001, we’re a proud company who emphasise the importance of the personal touch in everything we do. We don’t believe in offering standard veterinary care and will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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