Cobham Veterinary Centre

About Cobham Veterinary Centre

Cobham Veterinary Centre has been in its present position since April 2004, and prior to this (since 1982) was situated in Hillbrow Road in Esher. However, the practice dates back way further, to the late 1800s - and possibly even earlier still! - making it one of the oldest practices in the country.

We have full facilities on site, and so are able to perform surgical procedures, x-rays, blood tests etc. on the premises. We also pride ourselves on our friendly service and helpful attitude, with experienced and qualified Vets, Nurses and reception staff. 

Our waiting room is stocked with various pet foods (Hill'sBurn's,Simpson's and Orijen) as well as accessories and other pet care products including Dorwest Herbal products and other natural/alternative remedies for anxiety and stress such as Feliway and Adaptil products.

We also have the benefit of an off-road car park and beautiful grounds, helping to make your visit as stress-free as possible.

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