Paddons Veterinary Surgeons

About Paddons Veterinary Surgeons

We provide 24/7 emergency care outside normal working hours, 365 days a year at our purpose built surgery. The practice is easy to access and has its own car park available.

Known for our compassion and dedication, we provide a caring veterinary service – as well as working to advise and support our pet owners in becoming more confident in looking after their much loved animals.

During all surgical procedures patients are monitored by our experienced nurses on a one-to-one basis. We only use the most modern and safest anaesthetics licensed for veterinary use.

A range of in-house equipment to help diagnose and monitor your pets, including:

  • In-house blood machines to perform haematology, biochemistry and thyroid levels to get results the same day. In addition to this we can send away samples to an external laboratory as required. We also have in house snap tests to diagnose parvo, FIV\FELV and pancreatitis
  • Microscope for analysing skin, ear and urine samples
  • Digital X-ray for rapid assessment of skeletal, thoracic and abdominal structures
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis and a more detailed look at organs within the body
  • Blood pressure and ECG monitoring capabilities
  • Dental machine with ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar build up and high speed dental drill for tooth extraction
  • Oxygen tent for cats and small dogs with acute respiratory and heart problems
  • Anaesthetic machines able to deliver oxygen and gaseous anaesthetic
  • Walk in kennels for larger dogs as well as smaller cages to make your pets stay comfortable

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