About PDSA

Why work at PDSA?

One look and you'll know.

A yelping dog with broken leg. A crying cat with a sore paw. A listless bird that’s off its food. A stressed small furry that’s too scared to come out from hiding.

A sick and injured pet tugs at our heartstrings. Helping them back to health and seeing the happiness on their owner’s face is hugely satisfying. It’s about caring: seeing the real value of a loving relationship between pet and owner.

Every year 470,000 pets need our help with over 2.7 million treatments to stop them suffering from sickness, injury and to prevent them from dying. This makes PDSA the UK’s leading veterinary charity

We believe that we work better together, so everyone helps. From our vets and volunteers to our shop and office support staff – we are a dedicated team who are passionate about pets. Join us at PDSA and help improve the lives of every pet. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever you do – it helps make a difference – thank you.

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