VBJ articles

  • Taking leave of yourself
    A well-thought-out sabbatical can be a boon for all. The key to making the request is making it reasonable – so how do you persuade your employer to let you take a career break?
  • Too much to do, too little time? Anyone working in a veterinary practice will know the feeling. Here we offer 15 tips to help manage your time and work more effectively.
  • Taking on any new staff member can be a process fraught with problems, but recruiting new veterinary graduates often presents its own set of unique challenges.
  • Occupational psychologist Helen Frewin shares some tips on achieving your goals when taking on a new job role and influencing the people who count.
  • Being promoted from the ranks of a business can seem like a dream come true. But managing a team of former peers often presents some unique challenges.
  • Vets can face countless conflicting demands in the course of carrying out their daily duties, but what happens when religious beliefs impact on your ability to do the job too?
  • Work experience comes in many forms, but which option might work best for your practice and what do you need to consider before taking the plunge?
  • They are key to the future of the profession, but what are the next generation of veterinary surgeons looking for from their first job?
  • Whether it’s front line disease research or helping frame Government policy, a veterinary degree can go a long way in the public sector.
  • 2013 SPVS president Gudrun Ravetz discusses how to strike the right balance between a successful veterinary career and a happy family life.
  • Blatant lies on a résumé may not have stopped previous winners of The Apprentice, but what should candidates put in a CV or say at an interview, and what can go wrong?
  • Most graduate vets leave university expecting to spend the rest of their career working in practice, but what happens if things change? Thankfully, there are many other applications for a veterinary degree, as VBJ discovered when we caught up with Merial’s Callum Blair.