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  • Who said finding a job was easy?

    30 Jan 2018| Adam Bernstein

    Unless you’re fortunate enough to be headhunted, it’s not easy to find a new job. You’ll need determination and some luck – and a good action plan to boost your campaign.

  • Using body language to impress in job interviews

    16 Oct 2017| vet times jobs

    Presenting your prospective employer with the right impression through the clever use of body language could make the difference between a new career and rejection.

  • Empathy equals interview success

    9 May 2017| vet times jobs

    Skills are crucial, but empathy is equally vital. It helps you to connect with clients and their pets, so it is wise to allow this aspect of your personality to shine through during the interview process.

  • Vetting the vets: 3 things that will put off employers

    2 Aug 2016| vet times jobs

    Potential employers won’t just look at the things that make you suitable for your chosen role, they may also look for things that would make you unsuitable.

  • How to win at interviews

    1 Feb 2016| Adam Bernstein

    A lot has changed in the job world; the way we search, the way vacancies are advertised and so on. But one thing hasn’t really changed – the interview. Adam Bernstein advises on how you can become an interview winner.

  • 10 Interview Tips for Veterinary Nurses

    21 Oct 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    There a few techniques veterinary nurses should keep in mind when going for an interview. Read Vet Times Jobs’ top 10 tips for vet nurse interviews.

  • Moving into academia: how to make your application stand out

    28 Sep 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    Want to make your application for an academia veterinary job stand out? Have a read of Vet Times Jobs’ tips and advice, and search for current vacancies.

  • 19 Job Search Tips for Veterinary Nurses

    13 Aug 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    Are you looking for your next veterinary nurse job? Read Vet Times Jobs’ advice on how to write your CV, prepare for interview and manage your job hunt.

  • Job hunting as a veterinary graduate: the dos and don’ts

    4 Aug 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    There a few dos and don’ts that veterinary graduates can put into action to help progress their job hunt. Read the Vet Times Jobs careers advice here.

  • 3 veterinary job interview questions you need to prepare for

    1 May 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    Preparation for a job interview is vital in any sector – but for veterinary professionals, thinking ahead to potential questions comes with a little more importance.

  • How to answer the interview question “why do you want to be a vet?”

    25 Mar 2015| Vet Times Jobs

    You’re sat opposite the interviewer and they ask: “Why do you want to be a vet?” Here are 10 ways to answer this notoriously tricky interview question.

  • 5 body language tips to help win that job

    22 Jan 2015

    Even the best answers can be lost in translation during an interview if your posture and bodily gestures don't match what you are trying to say.

  • 3 things to do to prepare for your job interview

    6 Jan 2015

    Your interview is a chance for your potential employer to learn more about you, so it's vital to prepare. Don't just turn up hoping for the best.

  • What not to ask in an interview

    4 Dec 2014

    Here are six things you should NOT ask about during your interview, under any circumstances.

  • Questions to ask your interviewer

    31 Oct 2014

    Asking plenty of relevant questions shows you have a real interest in the role, so here are some questions to think about.

  • Three key question areas to help you read your interviewer

    20 Oct 2014

    Identify your interviewer's personality and behaviour and you can tailor your answers and other contributions to match the impression they want to receive.

  • 5 things NOT to do in an interview

    16 Jul 2014| vet times jobs

    The interview is your opportunity to show you're the right person for the job, so you need to make a good impression. Here are five mistakes you should try to avoid making.

  • Top 10 job interview disasters

    1 Jul 2014| Gail Kenny

    As part of my job, I give interview advice to candidates applying for travel jobs. When I ask them how it went afterwards, most people don't come out remembering what went right. They remember the bad things. The joke that fell flat, the awkward silence halfway through, the question that...

  • Dress for success: tips for job interviews

    22 May 2014| Xanthe Kershaw

    Interviewing for jobs can be a nerve-wracking affair, the last thing you want is for your appearance to ruin your job interview at the first hurdle. Follow my job interview tips and dress for success

  • Assessing the benefits

    10 Mar 2014| Tony Noble

    You’ve strived to put together a great application and now a letter has arrived to say you’ve been invited along to an “assessment centre”. Relax and pick yourself off the floor, help is at hand.