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  • Interview nerves? How to calm yourself before an interview

    16 Jul 2019| Susan Riehle

    If sweating and nerves can cause a politician to lose a presidential election, then they can surely hurt your job interview. Simple techniques to control your nervousness in interviews are available.

  • What soft skills do employers look for in a veterinary nurse?

    2 Jul 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    Veterinary nurses need a specific set of soft skills – but what soft skills are the employer looking for? Find out in Vet Times Jobs’ career advice.

  • Vet career check: moving from practice to a commercial role

    20 Jun 2019| Noble Futures

    Swapping your consult comfort zone for the corporate sphere can be a daunting prospect for some vets. To help soften the blow, Tony Noble of Noble Futures recruitment consultancy shares his tips for a smooth, successful transition.

  • Veterinary interview fails: how not to do it

    12 May 2019| vet times jobs

    Searching for a job can be a daunting task – and the interview stage is arguably the scariest part of the process. It's also where many people fall short...

  • 'What do you think of garden gnomes?' – strange interview questions

    5 Apr 2019| vet times jobs

    As well as preparing for standard interview questions, remember your prospective employer may throw in some seemingly random questions designed to throw you off your stride.

  • 5 tips for acing telephone interviews

    2 Apr 2019

    The way we find, apply for and interview for jobs is undergoing major changes, and telephone interviews are now a very common obstacle for jobseekers.

  • How to ace that job interview

    4 Mar 2019

    One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of a job interview is the knowledge that somebody is about to fire a number of searching questions at you. This can be seen as a Paxmanesque interrogation where everything said is doubted and each view is challenged – but these four tips will help you sail through your interview with ease.

  • How to stay calm in that big interview

    13 Feb 2019

    Staying calm and relaxed in an interview is often key to winning the job. So how do you keep a cool head?

  • What is your biggest weakness?

    12 Feb 2019

    It’s a question that causes an immediate problem: are you really meant to say something negative about yourself that could spell the end for your application?

  • Jobseekers: be prepared for the tough questions

    9 Feb 2019

    Interview jitters can make it difficult to come up with great responses on the spot, so try to anticipate the questions your interviewers will ask you and have the perfect answers ready in advance.

  • Thinking yourself into a positive interview state

    6 Feb 2019

    A job interview is not “just another conversation”, it's more like a sales call where, instead of trying to persuade a customer to purchase a product, you are selling yourself.

  • Arm yourself with some killer questions

    30 Jan 2019

    The dreaded “have you got any questions for us?” question will come at the end of most interviews, so it's best to have something prepared. Can't think of anything? Here are 5 killer questions for you to use... You're welcome!

  • What to wear for a job interview

    18 Jan 2019

    Like it or not, how you dress will be seen as an indication of your approach to work, how confident you are, and even how much you value yourself.

  • Creative approaches to bagging that perfect job

    12 Jan 2019

    To avoid making any attention grabbing mistakes of your own, learn from the successes and failures of other job candidates with a quick look at the dos and don'ts of creative interview techniques.

  • Interviews, pt 4: decision time

    7 Jul 2018| Jordan Sinclair

    In the final part of her series on the interview process Jordan Sinclair warns not to rush in and accept the first job offered to you, but to take a little time to weigh up your options.

  • Interviews, pt 3: talking remuneration

    7 Jun 2018| Jordan Sinclair

    The third part of Jordan Sinclair’s series on the interview process sees her tackle the tricky subject of salary packages. In this article she highlights the numerous things to consider when negotiating remuneration with your potential employer.

  • Interviews, pt 2: questions, questions

    24 May 2018| Jordan Sinclair

    In the second part of her series on the interview process Jordan Sinclair looks at the sort of questions you may be asked when applying for a vet role in practice, and suggests some to consider asking potential employers.

  • Interviews, part 1: preparation

    17 May 2018| Jordan Sinclair

    Drawing on her own experiences, vet Jordan Sinclair begins the first of a four-part series discussing the interview process with tips to ensure you are as ready as you'll ever be on the day.

  • Correct attire for a veterinary interview

    12 Apr 2018| vet times jobs

    It is surprisingly difficult to make the right clothing choice when attending an interview in a veterinary setting. First impressions are important so, ultimately, you want to impress when attending your interview.

  • 5 questions to ask at interview

    8 Feb 2018| vet times jobs

    Don't spend all your time worrying about the questions you'll be asked at interview. Instead, prepare some questions of your own to find out more about the practice you could be joining.