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  • Paw and hand

    Celebrating my first milestone in practice

    • 23 Jan 2024
    • Georgia Robb

    University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science 2022 graduate Georgia Robb celebrated her first anniversary working at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice. Here, she looks back on 12 months in her dream job, revealing the highs and lows that came along with it.

  • Autism

    My autism diagnosis was not end of world – just start of a new one

    • 3 Oct 2023
    • Laur Charleston

    Laur Charleston, who has gained a place to study veterinary medicine at the University of Lancashire, shares her inspiring story.

  • Georgia Robb surgery

    Graduate vet’s reflections as she takes to stage in operating theatre

    • 21 Aug 2023
    • Georgia Robb

    In her latest update on life after graduating from the University of Liverpool and starting work at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice, GEORGIA ROBB – now with six months under her belt – reveals the anxiety and apprehension, along with the satisfaction and pleasure, that comes from regularly performing surgery.

  • Siobhan Park

    My ‘accidental’ vet sector move

    • 4 May 2023
    • Siobhan Park

    In another in our series from veterinary professionals about why they love their job, SIOBHAN PARK, practice director at Barton Veterinary Hospital, tells her story.

  • Reflections of first job in practice

    • 2 May 2023
    • Georgia Robb

    In VT52.51 last year, GEORGIA ROBB revealed the fears, anticipation and excitement she felt about starting her dream job after graduating from the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science in 2022 and qualifying as a veterinary surgeon. Here, she tells us about her first few months working at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice in Kent, and her new life in this role...

  • ‘I’m not sure I’d change too much’: Lorna’s journey to practice owner

    • 14 Mar 2023
    • Lorna Clarke

    Continuing the series we ran throughout February showcasing positive stories of veterinary professionals’ experiences and love for what they do, LORNA CLARK BVetMed, BA, MRCVS, recounts the road she’s taken from RVC student to east midlands clinic boss.

  • Jennifer Penman

    Pride at being part of ‘team sport’ profession

    • 7 Mar 2023
    • Jennifer Penman

    It might have been a journey of twists, turns and the odd wobble, but JENNIFER PENMAN, head vet at CVS’ 3 Mile Vets and Albavet Veterinary Surgeons, couldn’t be happier at work – especially if she’s a scalpel in hand.

  • ‘Excitement and achievement’ in a job where no two days are the same

    • 7 Mar 2023
    • Jo Waldron

    With a quarter century under her belt at Donnachie and Townley in Staffordshire, RVN JO WALDRON clearly loves animals – but she’s equally passionate about mentoring the next crop of veterinary nurses, as she explains in this latest career profile for February.

  • ‘Becoming a vet has been my dream ever since I was a little girl’

    • 6 Mar 2023
    • Rebecca Hands

    She’s never thought of any other profession, and with an MSci in bioveterinary science under her belt, soon-to-be University of Nottingham student REBECCA HANDS explains what she’s looking forward to.

  • Passion for animal welfare fuelled vet nurse’s journey into profession

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Ashleigh Christian

    Working initially as a volunteer while full-time in the hospitality sector, senior RVN at Springfield Veterinary Group ASHLEIGH CHRISTIAN has gone on to develop many personal working interests.

  • Gerry Polton

    Happy accidents and sliding door moments help shape loved career

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Gerry Polton

    An affinity for animals and an interest in biology may have been a starting point, but vet GERRY POLTON’s journey to pioneering oncology specialist was not deliberate. North Downs Specialist Referrals’ new hospital director shares the story of how he has reached this stage of his career…

  • Image: © Friends Stock / Adobe Stock

    The problem with EMS: a student’s perspective on what must change

    • 7 Feb 2023
    • Megan Anley

    The general consensus is that the extramural studies process must be reformed. University of Bristol student Megan Anley BSc, BMedSc(Hons), shares her views on how it could be improved.

  • Georgia Robb

    Graduating from vet school: what’s next?

    • 4 Jan 2023

    Newly qualified veterinarian GEORGIA ROBB explains why she set her sights on becoming a vet almost 10 years ago, and what it’s like to have achieved her dream, as she starts her new job at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice.

  • Image: © Kurhan / Adobe Stock

    Stress, strains, dreams and opportunities

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Claire Morris

    Lecturer CLAIRE MORRIS BSc(Hons), RVN shares some advice for new vets finding their feet in practice.

  • Keeping it calm in the vet profession – our practice's culture

    • 1 Nov 2022
    • Francesca Verney

    When independent practice Pet People opened its doors six months ago, it wanted to do something different. Veterinary director FRANCESCA VERNEY BA, VetMB, MRCVS explains how and why.

  • You can go your own way – advice on starting a practice from scratch

    • 30 Aug 2022
    • James Horner

    He had aspirations to set up his own business since graduation, and it came to pass when his practice opened near Birmingham in June 2021. A year on, JAMES HORNER has the BestUKVet Best New Start-Up Vet award under his belt and provides advice for others thinking of a career move to ownership.

  • Figure 1. Esme (right) is under the wing of an ins

    Face, space, hands (on)

    • 19 Apr 2021
    • Esme Perry

    Esme Perry is an 18-year-old gap year student from Knutsford due to start studying veterinary medicine and surgery at the University of Nottingham in the autumn of 2021. Here, she shares the many encounters and experiences – including her current placement at Cheshire Cardiology – that have led her to pursue a career with animals.

  • Positive Impact

    Making a positive impact in a new role

    • 30 Jan 2020
    • Sarah Pallett

    Starting a new job can be tough, but it also offers the perfect opportunity to change your behaviours and set yourself new goals, while positioning yourself as someone of value within the team.

  • smile

    Well-being at work: tips for keeping stress at bay

    • 23 Jul 2019

    In a profession that comes with more than its fair share of stress, it’s important you take time out to care for your own mental well-being. Here, we present a handful of tips and tricks to help keep stress at bay.

  • Veterinary nurses

    What personal attributes do you need to be a veterinary nurse?

    • 8 May 2019
    • vet times jobs

    A career in veterinary nursing can be incredibly rewarding, but a love of animals and the right qualification is not all you need – you’ll also need the right personal attributes.