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  • CV review time: is your CV too vague?
    A small proportion of clever folk are keeping one step ahead at all times by updating their CV every few months or so. They're conducting their own CV review. Just thirty minutes is all they need to review their recent projects, challenges and achievements and review and update their CVs accordin...
  • So, you fancy taking on a new role in the animal health profession and positioning yourself as a promising candidate. How do you go about it?
  • There is something symbolic about the start of a new year, making it an ideal time to think about looking for a new job. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal in 2019.
  • Author Dave Nicol takes a light-hearted look at reviewing CVs and offers recruiters a handful of tips to whittle down the numbers and sort the wheat from the chaff.
  • Jordan Sinclair looks at ways of ensuring the job application you submit to an employer has every chance of being looked at, standing apart from other candidates – and, most importantly – securing that all-important interview.
  • If you're not making it to the interview stage when applying for veterinary roles, there's a high chance your CV is the issue. But what are you doing wrong?
  • What did you do today to improve your professional practice? It’s a pertinent question; CPD is an obligation and a key part of polishing your capability, competence and CV.
  • Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when writing your CV, with a link to a handy template to get you started!
  • Landing a job to teach veterinary science and animal care is a dream for many applicants. This vet times jobs article looks at four tips that could help you find your ideal position.
  • There are plenty of pitfalls waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting job applicant, but poor spelling, grammar and punctuation shouldn't be among them.
  • Tips and advice on how to write a veterinary nurse CV with a free downloadable CV template. Read this and more careers advice articles from Vet Times Jobs.
  • Applying for veterinary practice manager jobs? Make sure you find out what five skills you must highlight in your CV in this Vet Times Jobs article.
  • Highlight the necessary commercial skills in your CV and in interview. This article by Vet Times Jobs looks at what veterinary surgeons should focus on.
  • Read our tips on how to write a veterinary surgeon CV, plus download our CV template, on Vet Times Jobs, the go-to resource for veterinary recruitment.
  • Want to make your application for an academia veterinary job stand out? Have a read of Vet Times Jobs’ tips and advice, and search for current vacancies.
  • Are you looking for your next veterinary nurse job? Read Vet Times Jobs’ advice on how to write your CV, prepare for interview and manage your job hunt.
  • There a few dos and don’ts that veterinary graduates can put into action to help progress their job hunt. Read the Vet Times Jobs careers advice here.
  • Veterinary nurses need a specific set of soft skills – but what soft skills are the employer looking for? Find out in Vet Times Jobs’ career advice.
  • Your CV may be faultless and your interview technique second to none – but how much thought have you put into your cover letter?
  • Blatant lies on a résumé may not have stopped previous winners of The Apprentice, but what should candidates put in a CV or say at an interview, and what can go wrong?