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  • Image: Robert Kneschke / Adobe Stock

    Managing stress in the workplace

    • 9 Apr 2021
    • Adam Bernstein

    Adam Bernstein discusses the potential legal implications of this issue, and describes the early warning signs of the problem and potential solutions.

  • Clinical coaching – teaching and guiding future veterinary nurses

    • 12 Mar 2021
    • Kendall Adams

    RVN Kendall Adams shares her top tips for successfully tutoring student veterinary nurses.

  • One of the whole blood units collected.

    Pet Blood Bank: how VNs can help

    • 8 Mar 2021
    • Helen Rooney

    Training and induction manager at Pet Blood Bank UK Helen Rooney highlights how VNs can get involved in the charity’s vital work.

  • John Williams, Vets Now.

    My year as a front-line vet

    • 2 Mar 2021
    • John Williams

    RCVS specialist in small animal surgery (soft tissue) John Williams MA, VetMB, DipECVS, CertVR, LLB, FRCVS, shares his experiences of swapping referral work with emergency cases amid a global pandemic.

  • Image: Olivier Le Moal / Adobe Stock

    Employee turnover: it’s all about money, right?

    • 5 Feb 2021
    • Sarah Page-Jones

    In the final of her four-part series taking an evidence-based approach to bust myths around popular management concepts, Sarah Page-Jones BVSc, MBA, CertSAS, MRCVS, looks at various reasons why staff changes occur and the knock-on effect this can have on the rest of the team.

  • Employee engagement – is performance poor without it?

    • 5 Feb 2021
    • Sarah Page-Jones

    Sarah Page-Jones BVSc, MBA, CertSAS, MRCVS, continues her evidence-based approach to bust myths around popular management concepts.

  • Pigeons are pretty resilient creatures.

    Wildlife watch: how VNs can help care for these animals in practice

    • 15 Jan 2021
    • Emma Onyejekwe

    Aspiring wildlife nurse Emma Onyejekwe shares her passion for nursing these patients, her experience of studying a new qualification in lockdown and results from a personal survey to ascertain the extent of wildlife knowledge in general practice.

  • Performance management – it’s wrong to neglect appraisals, right?

    • 12 Jan 2021
    • Sarah Page-Jones

    Sarah Page-Jones BVSc, MBA, CertSAS, MRCVS, continues her evidence-based approach to bust myths around popular management concepts.

  • Fig 2

    Time management – can we do less and feel better?

    • 11 Jan 2021
    • Sarah Page-Jones

    Sarah Page-Jones takes an evidence-based approach to bust myths around popular management concepts, starting with this on time management.

  • From mucking out to running worm egg count samples: all in a day’s work

    • 22 Dec 2020
    • Cara Baillie

    Meet Cara Baillie – equine registered animal medicines advisor representative on the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority council – who shares her career journey and how she has managed her new role amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Image © megaflopp / Adobe Stock

    Taking the leap from VN to practice owner

    • 8 Oct 2020
    • Pets at Home Vet Group RVNs

    Four RVNs from the Pets at Home Vet Group share their vet nurse to joint venture partner journeys.

  • Image © icedmocha / Adobe Stock

    Time for a change

    • 7 Oct 2020
    • Helen Tottey

    Helen Tottey RVN, reflects on an article she wrote for VN Times on client retention back in 2002 and, 18 years on, what needs to change in relation to client services and VN consults as we step into the new normal world…

  • From surgical suite to central support

    • 23 Sep 2020
    • Amy Bowcott

    AMY BOWCOTT, DipAVN(Surgical), RVN, describes her role as a talent acquisition specialist for the Linnaeus Group, as well as her passion for passing on skills and knowledge to fellow veterinary professionals.

  • Emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence: making a difference to day one competences

    • 17 Aug 2020
    • Emily Bridges

    Emily Bridges – graduate programme lead at Vets4Pets and an emotional intelligence 
practitioner – defines this missing link between personality and performance, the reasons why 
it has been included in the RCVS day one competences and the difference it could make to
 veterinary surgeons embarking on their careers…

  • IVC Evidensia conference app

    Virtual conference success shows profession adapting to new normal

    • 17 Aug 2020
    • Trudi Purdy

    All our lives have been transformed in a few short months – and one area has been loss, at present, of the face-to-face conference experience so beloved by everyone in the profession. But organisations such as IVC Evidensia have found success with online events, as the company’s Trudi Purdy explains…

  • Image: Lane Erickson / Adobe Stock

    A tour of leadership styles

    • 23 Jul 2020

    Rob Williams, MVB, CertSAS, MRCVS, walks readers through various theories associated with assuming the role of a leader and how these apply in a clinical setting.

  • Megan Blythe

    Pursuing my passion – life as a deaf RVN

    • 13 Jul 2020
    • Megan Blythe

    With 12 million people living in the UK with hearing loss, the chances of crossing paths in veterinary practice are very high. RVN Megan Blythe explains the difference between being deaf and Deaf, the challenges she has overcome while working in a referral hospital, and why being more deaf aware can have a big impact on your co-workers and clients.

  • Man with question marks around his head.

    Male vet nurses: why are they still lacking?

    • 25 Jun 2020
    • Pets at Home Vet Group RVNs

    Six male RVNs from the Pets at Home Vet Group discuss stereotypes and preconceptions they face, and share their thoughts on how to bring more men into the profession.

  • Leanne Dobrowolski

    Healing hands of physiotherapy

    • 14 Jun 2020
    • Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson speaks to Leanne Dobrowolski about why she diversified her veterinary career into this area of rehabilitation.

  • Kim Houghton in Africa.

    A walk on the wild side in Africa

    • 14 Jun 2020
    • Kim Houghton

    RVN Kim Houghton describes her route into the progression, and how falling in love with South Africa as a teenager led her to fulfil her dream of living and working in the country.