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  • Paw and hand

    Celebrating my first milestone in practice

    • 23 Jan 2024
    • Georgia Robb

    University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science 2022 graduate Georgia Robb celebrated her first anniversary working at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice. Here, she looks back on 12 months in her dream job, revealing the highs and lows that came along with it.

  • Ajith Rekha

    Beyond his years: Ajith leading way in science and innovation

    • 2 Jan 2024
    • Vet Times Jobs

    From experiments in growing tapioca in rural India to meeting Sir Tom Blundell in Cambridge, Ajith Rekha discusses his career ambitions and shares his inspirations on how young people can prepare for success in a scientific career. 

  • Becoming a behaviourist – you can alter your career path

    • 1 Jan 2024
    • Sam Lympany-Tier

    Having moved from a zoological background training birds of prey to the role of education and development officer at Optivet Referrals, Sam Lympany-Tier explains how a change in professional direction can be achieved.

  • Group aims to dispel farm vet myths

    • 28 Nov 2023
    • Vet Times Jobs

    With farm practices across the UK and Europe, VetPartners is aiming to build diverse, welcoming workplaces for colleagues from all backgrounds. Mia Ellis, from Westpoint Farm Vets in Chelmsford, shares her career journey, including how she broke the farm vet stereotype.

  • Strength to strength: from NHS and powerlifting to animal health boss

    • 21 Nov 2023
    • IVC Evidensia

    After 20 years in senior roles in human care, Julie Davis reaches new heights as she takes the plunge into veterinary work in a different kind of managerial job with IVC Evidensia.

  • Debbie Cully

    Five decades as a veterinary nurse

    • 1 Nov 2023
    • Vet Times Jobs

    As she reaches 50 years as a VN, Debbie Culley has a lot to reflect on as she discusses her experiences and what brought her to this point in her career.

  • Autism

    My autism diagnosis was not end of world – just start of a new one

    • 3 Oct 2023
    • Laur Charleston

    Laur Charleston, who has gained a place to study veterinary medicine at the University of Lancashire, shares her inspiring story.

  • Gayle Hallowell

    Inspiration is key destination on new lead development journey

    • 29 Aug 2023
    • Gayle Hallowell

    In this article, we hear from GAYLE HALLOWELL on her newly created role at IVC Evidensia, as she shares her vision for changes in career progression.

  • Georgia Robb surgery

    Graduate vet’s reflections as she takes to stage in operating theatre

    • 21 Aug 2023
    • Georgia Robb

    In her latest update on life after graduating from the University of Liverpool and starting work at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice, GEORGIA ROBB – now with six months under her belt – reveals the anxiety and apprehension, along with the satisfaction and pleasure, that comes from regularly performing surgery.

  • Image: © Jérôme Rommé / Adobe Stock

    Dealing with feedback effectively

    • 17 Aug 2023
    • Colin Bates

    Managing director of Worcestershire-based Customer Champions, COLIN BATES, has more than 30 years of marketing experience; he uses it to discuss the importance of customer communication, implementing any changes addressed and, in turn, feeding that information back to the client.

  • Stethoscope

    Finding your nursing niche – or maybe not…

    • 1 Jul 2023
    • Kelly Huitson

    Kelly Huitson RVN, APVN, explains why she believes RVNs without a niche are integral members of the veterinary team with a wealth of general knowledge vital to new RVNs, SVNs and auxiliaries.

  • Image: © PCH.Vector / Adobe Stock mental health

    New guidance on mental health

    • 26 Jun 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    ADAM BERNSTEIN explores employers’ challenges when supporting employees’ mental help, and, using new Acas guidance, how they can make reasonable adjustments for staff welfare.

  • Emily Collins-Wingate

    What can farm practices do to help keep vets in the profession?

    • 22 May 2023
    • Emily Collins-Wingate

    Westpoint Farm Vets’ EMILY COLLINS-WINGATE, BVMSci, MRCVS, discusses how she feels employers can help empower and support vets to stay in the profession.

  • Ami Sawran

    Case study: ‘We created an environment where the whole team feels involved…’

    • 22 May 2023
    • Ami Sawran

    AMI SAWRAN, clinical director at Westpoint Farm Vets, shares some of the key changes made at its Chelmsford branch since 2017 to make it a “welcoming, inclusive and fulfilling place to work”.

  • Siobhan Park

    My ‘accidental’ vet sector move

    • 4 May 2023
    • Siobhan Park

    In another in our series from veterinary professionals about why they love their job, SIOBHAN PARK, practice director at Barton Veterinary Hospital, tells her story.

  • Reflections of first job in practice

    • 2 May 2023
    • Georgia Robb

    In VT52.51 last year, GEORGIA ROBB revealed the fears, anticipation and excitement she felt about starting her dream job after graduating from the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science in 2022 and qualifying as a veterinary surgeon. Here, she tells us about her first few months working at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice in Kent, and her new life in this role...

  • Career in profile: leading surgeon on establishing neurology service

    • 3 Apr 2023
    • Katia Marioni-Henry

    KATIA MARIONI-HENRY shares how she has returned to her “first love” by joining Vets Now 
to establish a new neurology/neurosurgery service at its hospital in Glasgow.

  • ‘I’m not sure I’d change too much’: Lorna’s journey to practice owner

    • 14 Mar 2023
    • Lorna Clarke

    Continuing the series we ran throughout February showcasing positive stories of veterinary professionals’ experiences and love for what they do, LORNA CLARK BVetMed, BA, MRCVS, recounts the road she’s taken from RVC student to east midlands clinic boss.

  • Roxy O'Brien

    Pride and passion working with wonderful team

    • 7 Mar 2023
    • Roxy O'Brien

    Petplan Awards 2023 nominee for nurse of the year and manager of the year ROXY O’BRIEN recounts her journey to practice manager at Vet4Life.

  • Zackary Such

    Close bonds and breathtaking scenery: life as a Cornish farm vet

    • 7 Mar 2023
    • Zackary Such

    From his first experiences at Rosevean Vets as a student, ZACKARY SUCH knew he could see himself working there. Here, the Cornish native explains how he grabbed opportunities with both hands – and what he loves about livestock veterinary work.