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  • 2023

    A new job for the new year

    • 5 Jan 2023
    • vet times jobs

    There is something symbolic about the start of a new year, making it an ideal time to think about looking for a new job. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal in 2023.

  • Building a better career – together

    • 4 Jan 2023
    • Medivet

    MEDIVET outlines the benefits of its Graduate Development Programme – an initiative designed to both enable and support those starting out in the veterinary sector to fulfil their potential.

  • Taymar Limerick

    Join a nurse community built on ambition, support and potential

    • 4 Jan 2023

    TAYMAR LIMERICK, a member of Medivet’s nurse committee, who has worked with the group for five years, shares her experiences in being a part of this initiative – and how it’s helping her pursue the career she wants, not the career she’s expected to.

  • Georgia Robb

    Graduating from vet school: what’s next?

    • 4 Jan 2023

    Newly qualified veterinarian GEORGIA ROBB explains why she set her sights on becoming a vet almost 10 years ago, and what it’s like to have achieved her dream, as she starts her new job at Pennard Vets’ Sevenoaks practice.

  • Image: © kieferpix / Adobe Stock

    Managing employee bereavement

    • 14 Dec 2022
    • Tina Chander

    TINA CHANDER, head of employment law at Wright Hassall LLP, discusses the rights of employees who have suffered a loss and the employer’s responsibilities when it comes to managing compassionate leave.

  • Christmas interviews

    Why it pays to job hunt during the festive season

    • 13 Dec 2022
    • vet times jobs

    Many folk assume that recruitment ceases over Christmas and the New Year. This simply isn’t true...

  • employees hands Image: © New Africa / Adobe Stock

    Understanding TUPE: employees’ rights when businesses transfer

    • 6 Dec 2022
    • Adam Bernstein

    ADAM BERNSTEIN discovers how employees are protected when a company changes ownership.

  • Right to work checks – new rules

    • 5 Dec 2022
    • Shabina Muneer and Ruth Jowett

    Following a change in Government rules, Walker Morris LLP’s director and head of business immigration, SHABANA MUNEER, and associate RUTH JOWETT explain how bosses should ensure staff can work in the UK.

  • About confidential data – acting on ‘official secrets’ in veterinary practice

    • 28 Nov 2022
    • Adam Bernstein

    ADAM BERNSTEIN explores how practices can ensure the safety of its sensitive data, as well as considerations when employees leave or join a company.

  • Supporting successful management

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Adam Bernstein

    ADAM BERNSTEIN explores how managers can be helped to excel in their role – and how investing in this benefits everyone.

  • Employment rights when poorly

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Charlie Higgins

    CHARLIE HIGGINS, HR paralegal at Wright Hassall, discusses how employees should report sickness, types of sick leave, what pay they are entitled to, as well as how employers should manage this.

  • Image: © Kurhan / Adobe Stock

    Stress, strains, dreams and opportunities

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Claire Morris

    Lecturer CLAIRE MORRIS BSc(Hons), RVN shares some advice for new vets finding their feet in practice.

  • Main image: © Maria / Adobe Stock

    Long COVID in the workplace

    • 23 Nov 2022
    • Alexandra Farmer

    Although recent COVID-19 case numbers indicate the pandemic has slowed, some people are suffering from the disease’s long-term effects. ALEXANDRA FARMER, head of team and solicitor at WorkNest, discusses the steps bosses should take if an employee believes they have the condition.

  • Keeping it calm in the vet profession – our practice's culture

    • 1 Nov 2022
    • Francesca Verney

    When independent practice Pet People opened its doors six months ago, it wanted to do something different. Veterinary director FRANCESCA VERNEY BA, VetMB, MRCVS explains how and why.

  • The small matter of fraud

    • 1 Nov 2022
    • Adam Bernstein

    ADAM BERNSTEIN speaks to representatives from several law firms to discover the steps that can be taken to prevent such incidents occurring.

  • ‘My A to Z for practice leadership’

    • 19 Oct 2022
    • Graham Duncanson

    After 56 years in practice, you pick up a thing or two about bringing a team together. Graham Duncanson reflects on his career and imparts some alphabetised wisdom on management.

  • wage rises mage: © ink drop / Adobe Stock

    Avoiding the wage spiral

    • 18 Oct 2022
    • Adam Bernstein

    With the world in economic meltdown, Adam Bernstein investigates how employers can handle requests for more pay – is there something they can give that costs little, but is valuable to employees?

  • mental health Image: IRINA / Adobe Stock

    Mental health: reducing loneliness

    • 17 Oct 2022
    • Claire Brereton

    Claire Brereton, following Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this year, discusses and reviews findings from various studies into the 2022 theme.

  • pregnancy test Image: © nlszekely / Adobe Stock

    Pregnancy and work – part two

    • 17 Oct 2022
    • Paula Chan and Emily Plosker

    Pregnancy in the workplace is a run-of-the-mill occurrence, but not everyone understands the laws around it. Paula Chan, partner at Brahams Dutt Badrick French LLP, and Emily Plosker, managing associate at the same firm, look at more areas that may concern employers and employees in the second of a two-part series.

  • New system announced for ‘right to work’ checks – the key information

    • 12 Oct 2022
    • Nicola Smyrl

    NICOLA SMYRL, of Taylor Walton solicitors, explains how employee status assessments are conducted and how employers can keep their noses clean ahead of major changes in September.