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  • PDSA – past to present

    5 Sep 2019| Michael De Lacy Costello

    One of the charity's RVNs, Michael De Lacy Costello, speaks about how the veterinary nursing attributes, attitudes and attire have changed over the years.

  • Pursuing my passion: how I became an RVN

    3 Sep 2019| Kim Rathbone

    Kim Rathbone qualified as a VN aged 30. Here, she charts her route into the profession, and explains why seeing an animal and owner reunited after treatment will never grow old.

  • Charity career move: a ‘fascinating job with tremendous variety’

    2 Sep 2019

    Luke Poore, head of clinical veterinary services at The Donkey Sanctuary, shares how he came to work for the charity, some of his experiences and how he feels inspired to be a part of the organisation in its 50th year.

  • To specialise or not?

    30 Aug 2019

    Kirsten McLeod, hospitals director at Vets Now, considers the path to specialism – speaking with a number of veterinary specialists who share their experiences.

  • From trainee to practice director

    30 Aug 2019| Renay Rickard

    Renay Rickard – business director at Kernow Veterinary Group in Cornwall – charts her journey from school leaver to becoming the first qualified VN in her practice, president of the VPMA (now the VMG) and taking the helm at a prominent practice.

  • Going into public health as a veterinarian

    22 Aug 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    “Public health” is not something one typically connects with veterinary work. So, if you’re not sure what the job of a public health veterinarian entails, this is the article for you.

  • From veterinary nurse to expert recruitment consultant

    31 Jul 2019| Noble Futures

    RVN Kay Ritchie shares her reasons for wanting to be a vet nurse, explains why she changed to a new career path and offers advice for others wanting to explore new opportunities.

  • Working out-of-hours? Be aware of your rest time entitlement

    30 Jul 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    All workers are entitled to a break. So, if you work in an out-of-hours setting, or are regularly on call, it’s important to understand what your entitlement to “down time” is.

  • Well-being at work: tips for keeping stress at bay

    23 Jul 2019

    In a profession that comes with more than its fair share of stress, it’s important you take time out to care for your own mental well-being. Here, we present a handful of tips and tricks to help keep stress at bay.

  • Interview nerves? How to calm yourself before an interview

    16 Jul 2019| Susan Riehle

    If sweating and nerves can cause a politician to lose a presidential election, then they can surely hurt your job interview. Simple techniques to control your nervousness in interviews are available.

  • How I changed career at 40

    9 Jul 2019

    We spend around a third of our adult lives working, doesn’t it make sense to do something for a living that you enjoy?

  • What soft skills do employers look for in a veterinary nurse?

    2 Jul 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    Veterinary nurses need a specific set of soft skills – but what soft skills are the employer looking for? Find out in Vet Times Jobs’ career advice.

  • Vet career check: moving from practice to a commercial role

    20 Jun 2019| Noble Futures

    Swapping your consult comfort zone for the corporate sphere can be a daunting prospect for some vets. To help soften the blow, Tony Noble of Noble Futures recruitment consultancy shares his tips for a smooth, successful transition.

  • My journey from kennel assistant to operations support role

    12 Jun 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    Sam Blackman, of Highcroft Referrals in Bristol, has taken on additional responsibilities in his workplace. He explains how he became an operations support manager with CVS.

  • Working part-time in veterinary practice after children

    30 May 2019| Cat Henstridge BVSc MRCVS

    It can be a challenge to juggle a job like ours with family commitments, and for some it can be difficult to find suitable positions at all.

  • Emergency and Critical Care: should you make the move to out-of-hours?

    30 May 2019| Vets Now

    Ever wondered if a move to out-of-hours veterinary work would be right for you? If so, we have the inside scoop on what it’s like to work the night shift.

  • Have you thought about becoming a veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep?

    16 May 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    Often accompanied by an attractive salary and generous benefits package, it’s little surprise that competition for sales rep jobs is fierce. Have you got what it takes?

  • Veterinary interview fails: how not to do it

    12 May 2019| vet times jobs

    Searching for a job can be a daunting task – and the interview stage is arguably the scariest part of the process. It's also where many people fall short...

  • What personal attributes do you need to be a veterinary nurse?

    8 May 2019| vet times jobs

    A career in veterinary nursing can be incredibly rewarding, but a love of animals and the right qualification is not all you need – you’ll also need the right personal attributes.

  • Have you ever considered a career as a veterinary practice manager?

    1 May 2019| Vet Times Jobs

    One of the less-recognised career paths open to people who love animals, particularly for those who are not qualified veterinary professionals is that of the veterinary practice manager.