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  • Former VN returns to vet group as practice manager

    20 Jan 2020| Paul Imrie

    Mark Turnbull appointed at Westway Veterinary Group, which has 18 sites across the north-east.

  • VN’s ‘once in a lifetime’ turtle-saving sabbatical

    10 Jan 2020| Kylie Channon-Durant

    After completing a City and Guilds Certificate in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species, RVN Kylie Channon-Durant took a sabbatical to volunteer for the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Cyprus. Here, she shares her experience.

  • IR35 rules – everything veterinary locums and practices should know

    23 Dec 2019| Adam Bernstein

    In April, HMRC is introducing changes to tax rules applying to locums and workers providing services to hirer companies. ADAM BERNSTEIN looks at the full background to the changes.

  • Embracing motherhood and manager role

    25 Nov 2019| Sally Whitehead

    When Sally Whitehead became a mother, her priorities changed, but her passion for veterinary life never dimmed. Here, she explains how she moved from practice to office life, how VetPartners helped her progress her career and why she will always be an RVN at heart.

  • Delivering comfort and expertise in owner families’ times of need

    12 Nov 2019| Samantha Flavell

    Palliative and hospice care district nurse Samantha Flavell talks about the emergence and importance of this sector; the rewards of helping people in their darkest hour; and how, with the right care, the saddest situations can be managed.

  • Maddie shares Guide Dogs knowledge

    12 Nov 2019| Maddie Risingham

    Showcasing possible alternative career options in the veterinary sector, Maddie Risingham, an animal behaviour and training graduate, talks about her role with Guide Dogs London.

  • Maintaining effective staff levels throughout religious holidays

    8 Nov 2019| Adam Bernstein

    Adam Bernstein speaks to Chloe Themistocleous, an associate in the human resources team at Eversheds Sutherland, to glean advice on how employers can tackle numerous holiday requests from employees who wish to observe events associated with their religion.

  • Surrey course success

    29 Oct 2019| Kamalan Jeevaratnam

    With the first cohort graduating earlier this year, outgoing University of Surrey Kamalan Jeevaratnam talks about the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to set up a vet school.

  • Striving to empower via education

    23 Oct 2019| Ali Heywood

    Ali Heywood explains how she transitioned from RVN, to lecturer, to principal at the Dick White Academy; why she wants to transform the student nurse experience; how to overcome nerves ahead of OSCEs; and why no education is ever wasted.

  • Getting your life in balance

    22 Oct 2019| Jenny Guyat, Emma Tallini

    Vets Jenny Guyat and Emma Tallini discuss the problematic term “work-life balance” and advise on how to establish a positive “life flow” instead.

  • Vet students and 'digital professionalism' – lessons to be learned for all

    14 Oct 2019| Zamantha Marshall, Jennifer Hammond and Fiona Dowell

    Zamantha Marshall, Jennifer Hammond and Fiona Dowell – of the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine – discuss research that saw students review their online presence from an employer’s perspective.

  • Government Good Work Plan – what do employers need to know?

    7 Oct 2019| Andrew Rayment

    Andrew Rayment discusses this “biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years” that is the culmination of the independent “Taylor review of modern working practices”.

  • How to supercharge your LinkedIn profile

    3 Oct 2019| Sarah Pallett

    If you are looking for a new job, to upskill in certain areas, to stand out as a leader in your field or simply to connect with like-minded veterinary professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to be both visible and heard.

  • ‘I’m really excited about the difference I can make’

    3 Oct 2019| Andrea Jeffery

    Andrea Jeffery started her career on NHS wards as an orthopaedic nurse before retraining as an RVN. Now chief nursing officer at Linnaeus, she explains how she navigated her career, and the importance of education and inspiring others.

  • Animal behaviour counselling: bringing about positive change

    2 Oct 2019| Caroline Clark

    Caroline Clark wanted to be an RVN since she was a child, but an interest in behaviour led her down an unexpected route. Here, she explains how she segued into such a specialist aspect of animal care, which saw her establish her own business and become a television celebrity.

  • Local community spirit drives vet Danielle’s post-award year

    23 Sep 2019| Danielle Greenberg

    From setting up her own practice to being named Vet of the Year in the 2019 Petplan Veterinary Awards, it’s been an exciting 12 months for Danielle Greenberg. Here, she outlines what drives her and how volunteering in her home city of Liverpool is such as big part of what she, and her business, is.

  • Accepting and accomplishing my practice management challenge

    19 Sep 2019| Georgina (George) Hills

    Georgina (George) Hills started her career as an SVN at one of the first day release colleges in the south-west. Today, she is an operations manager for Independent Vetcare. Here, she charts her journey from RVN to senior manager, and explains how the Veterinary Management Group Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management enabled her to make a step change and climb the career ladder to the top.

  • Conquering cancer and reclaiming my veterinary career

    9 Sep 2019| Margot Hunter

    Dunedin Veterinary Centres clinical director Margot Hunter overcame the biggest battle of her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, she would like to provide hope and inspiration to others...

  • PDSA – past to present

    5 Sep 2019| Michael De Lacy Costello

    One of the charity's RVNs, Michael De Lacy Costello, speaks about how the veterinary nursing attributes, attitudes and attire have changed over the years.

  • Pursuing my passion: how I became an RVN

    3 Sep 2019| Kim Rathbone

    Kim Rathbone qualified as a VN aged 30. Here, she charts her route into the profession, and explains why seeing an animal and owner reunited after treatment will never grow old.