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  • Strength to strength: from NHS and powerlifting to animal health boss

    • 21 Nov 2023
    • IVC Evidensia

    After 20 years in senior roles in human care, Julie Davis reaches new heights as she takes the plunge into veterinary work in a different kind of managerial job with IVC Evidensia.

  • Bully boss

    When the boss is a bully

    • 14 Nov 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    Most readers can relate to working under a nightmare manager. Adam Bernstein navigates the ways in which employers can avoid workplaces turning toxic, and what to do when it goes too far.

  • Smartphone

    Managing employee posts on social media

    • 7 Nov 2023
    • Alexandra Farmer

    Alexandra Farmer, head of team and a solicitor at Worknest, explains when bosses should take action over a controversial remark.

  • Handshake

    New legislation plan for workers over predictable work schedules

    • 1 Nov 2023
    • James Tamm

    With a new legal act on the horizon for 2024, James Tamm, director of legal services at Worknest, explains how it will allow individuals to request a more stable working pattern.

  • Debbie Cully

    Five decades as a veterinary nurse

    • 1 Nov 2023
    • Vet Times Jobs

    As she reaches 50 years as a VN, Debbie Culley has a lot to reflect on as she discusses her experiences and what brought her to this point in her career.

  • Mastering the art of compromise

    • 31 Oct 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    Learning how to listen and be flexible is an art form that can boost productivity and morale. Adam Bernstein explains how to master it, making the workplace a more harmonious place.

  • How bosses can be family friendly

    • 24 Oct 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    The COVID pandemic and ensuing cost of living crisis has made life increasingly tumultuous for working parents, among others. Adam Bernstein explains the ways employers can help them out.

  • The need for employers to make reasonable adjustments

    • 17 Oct 2023
    • Mark Stevens

    To fulfil their duty, employers need to implement changes under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure disabled job applicants, employees and previous employees can use the company’s services as close to the standard a non-disabled person would. Mark Stevens talks through the responsibilities.

  • Happy VNs

    How championing the VN role will grow a happier, more efficient team

    • 9 Oct 2023
    • John Helps

    A recent study by MSD Animal Health highlighted that, despite the increased responsibilities veterinary nurses take on, they have doubts around their career progression opportunities. John Helps, BVetMed, CertSAM, MRCVS, veterinary surgeon and senior technical manager at MSD Animal Health UK, explains how addressing these issues and providing true career development can help improve the practice environment and patient experience.

  • Autism

    My autism diagnosis was not end of world – just start of a new one

    • 3 Oct 2023
    • Laur Charleston

    Laur Charleston, who has gained a place to study veterinary medicine at the University of Lancashire, shares her inspiring story.

  • Hustle

    Cost-of-living crisis driving trend for employees to take second jobs

    • 2 Oct 2023
    • Tina Chander

    Partner and head of employment law at Wright Hassall Tina Chander explains how employers can deal with staff “side hustles”.

  • Make use of RCVS Knowledge bank

    • 1 Oct 2023
    • Clare Boulton

    Clare Boulton, head of library and knowledge services at the respected information provider, encourages RVNs to get in touch the next time they feel they are stumped for support and evidence to help identify the next course of action.

  • Work discrimination based on marital status

    • 26 Sep 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    Individuals in marriages or civil partnerships could face myriad forms of unfair treatment at their job – Adam Bernstein explores how employees and employers can navigate this unfortunate occurrence.

  • Avoiding a discrimination claim

    • 19 Sep 2023
    • Tina Chander

    Organisations must be thoroughly acquainted with discrimination legislation as the devil is in the detail. Partner and head of employment law at Wright Hassall Tina Chander points out the different forms employers may come up against.

  • What are the realities of being a farm vet today?

    • 12 Sep 2023
    • Vet Times Jobs

    Farming as an industry has changed dramatically in recent years, as has farm vetting. We asked senior farm vets Ian Cure and Ami Sawran to share their views.

  • A member of staff preparing for new beginnings wit

    Garden leave: why it’s an essential contractual term for vet practices

    • 5 Sep 2023
    • Alex Kleanthous

    Alex Kleanthous, partner and solicitor at Gannons, explains why a clause for paid leave for a person moving to a new job could be worth considering.

  • Image: © Nuthawat / Adobe Stock

    Changes to terms and conditions

    • 18 Sep 2023
    • James Tamm

    Many reasons exist why bosses might want to alter or update how their staff are employed. James Tamm – director of legal services at Worknest – explains the best ways to go about this.

  • Perils and pitfalls of handling employment tribunal claims

    • 18 Sep 2023
    • Adam Bernstein

    Employment tribunals can be difficult and costly to any business. ADAM BERNSTEIN sets out a guide to help companies through this tricky process.

  • Image: © SomethingCool! / Adobe Stock

    Toxic behaviour – a damage to workplaces

    • 13 Sep 2023
    • Toyah Marshall

    A recent survey found that in some 70% of cases, toxic behaviour in the workplace is not dealt with. As a result, morale drops and staff leave, which is a serious problem in an age where recruitment is hard. TOYAH MARSHALL, principal employment law adviser and solicitor at WorkNest, looks at how such behaviour becomes the norm and what it can mean for employers if it goes unchallenged.

  • Image: © Jérôme Rommé / Adobe Stock

    Feedback: dealing with it effectively

    • 4 Sep 2023

    Managing director of Worcestershire-based Customer Champions, COLIN BATES, has more than 30 years of marketing experience; he uses it to discuss the importance of customer communication, implementing any changes addressed and, in turn, feeding that information back to the client.