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  • Introducing The New Skills Match

    28 Sep 2020

    With the introduction of  'Skills Match', brought to you by Vet Times Jobs, we offer you a discreet, 'on your terms' service, to help you on the next step of your career or with opportunities to further your career, but most importantly it puts you in complete control.

  • From surgical suite to central support

    23 Sep 2020| Amy Bowcott

    AMY BOWCOTT, DipAVN(Surgical), RVN, describes her role as a talent acquisition specialist for the Linnaeus Group, as well as her passion for passing on skills and knowledge to fellow veterinary professionals.

  • Senior vet Carol praises virtues of taking transatlantic career switch

    2 Sep 2020| Carol Jones

    Vets Now Peterborough's Carol Jones BVMS, MRCVS, lays a claim to a career that has spanned continents, thanks to a daring decision more than a decade ago to move across the pond. Here, she explains how leaving Illinois to study in Glasgow was a great move personally and professionally…

  • Emotional intelligence: making a difference to day one competences

    17 Aug 2020| Emily Bridges

    Emily Bridges – graduate programme lead at Vets4Pets and an emotional intelligence 
practitioner – defines this missing link between personality and performance, the reasons why 
it has been included in the RCVS day one competences and the difference it could make to
 veterinary surgeons embarking on their careers…

  • Virtual conference success shows profession adapting to new normal

    17 Aug 2020| Trudi Purdy

    All our lives have been transformed in a few short months – and one area has been loss, at present, of the face-to-face conference experience so beloved by everyone in the profession. But organisations such as IVC Evidensia have found success with online events, as the company’s Trudi Purdy explains…

  • A tour of leadership styles

    23 Jul 2020

    Rob Williams, MVB, CertSAS, MRCVS, walks readers through various theories associated with assuming the role of a leader and how these apply in a clinical setting.

  • Pursuing my passion – life as a deaf RVN

    13 Jul 2020| Megan Blythe

    With 12 million people living in the UK with hearing loss, the chances of crossing paths in veterinary practice are very high. RVN Megan Blythe explains the difference between being deaf and Deaf, the challenges she has overcome while working in a referral hospital, and why being more deaf aware can have a big impact on your co-workers and clients.

  • Male vet nurses: why are they still lacking?

    25 Jun 2020| Pets at Home Vet Group RVNs

    Six male RVNs from the Pets at Home Vet Group discuss stereotypes and preconceptions they face, and share their thoughts on how to bring more men into the profession.

  • Healing hands of physiotherapy

    14 Jun 2020| Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson speaks to Leanne Dobrowolski about why she diversified her veterinary career into this area of rehabilitation.

  • A walk on the wild side in Africa

    14 Jun 2020| Kim Houghton

    RVN Kim Houghton describes her route into the progression, and how falling in love with South Africa as a teenager led her to fulfil her dream of living and working in the country.

  • VN P-P-picks up penguins in need

    7 Jun 2020| Amelia Poole

    Amelia Poole shares her experience of volunteering with the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and why you should never underestimate the “scrappy” African penguin.

  • Furloughing workers – what it means for veterinary profession

    28 Apr 2020| Tina Chander

    It’s one of the words of the moment, and Tina Chander, partner at law firm Wright Hassall, explains what “furloughing” is – for practices and employees.

  • In sickness and in health

    16 Apr 2020| Adam Bernstein

    Adam Bernstein discusses where veterinary practices stand with regards to sick or injured employees.

  • Tips for conducting online interviews

    9 Apr 2020| Richard Casey

    VMG president Richard Casey offers his “top tips” for carrying out online interviews during times of social distancing.

  • Potential misconduct – advice on disciplinary procedure processes

    26 Mar 2020

    Employment specialist MARK STEVENS provides information for employers and employees about the steps when misconduct is suspected.

  • Race and UK veterinary profession

    26 Mar 2020| Rachel Malkani

    RACHEL MALKANI, a member of the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society’s committee, reveals themes to come out of a workshop on discrimination.

  • Improving well-being in the workplace

    26 Feb 2020| Emma Stansfield

    Emma Stansfield is head nurse at the RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital in London. In this exclusive article, she discusses the importance of safeguarding emotional and physical well-being, and how we can all get by with a little help from our friends...

  • Overcoming recruitment challenges in farm animal veterinary practices

    24 Feb 2020

    Ian Cure, BVMS, DBR, MRCVS, farm director at VetPartners, offers insight into the challenges, and what can be done to attract new talent.

  • Words to avoid and use in applications

    12 Feb 2020| Sarah Pallett

    When it comes to applying for jobs, less is more. Sarah Pallett offers tips on phrases to avoid – and keeping things relevant and succinct.

  • Love of learning, and helping pets and owners, drives winner Sarah

    10 Feb 2020| Sarah Barnett

    What started as work experience and a Saturday job became a career that continues to develop in exciting ways for Sarah Barnett. Here, the RVN – who won 2019's Vet Nurse of the Year title – discusses her veterinary nursing passions, including fear-free veterinary medicine and exotics husbandry.