What to wear for a job interview

Published on: 18 Jan 2019

What to wear for an interview

Image ©iStock.com/jackethead

Among the many things you may find daunting ahead of your job interview is the vexing question of what on earth you should wear for the encounter.

Like it or not, how you dress will be seen as an indication of how you look after yourself, your approach to work, how confident you are, and even how much you value yourself.

Equally, if you look good, you'll feel much better too.

If you get the look right, it will barely remarked upon. But if you don’t, overcoming your potential future employer’s negative preconceptions about you will be all but impossible.

Get the image spot on and the employer will find it much easier to picture you as a member of their team. It also shows that you could represent the organisation in the right way.

Try to find out what the dress code is and follow it – a power suit may not be right for every role, but for managerial jobs an impeccably cut suit is virtually non-negotiable.

Dress to impress

Go for a modern look if you want to create a dynamic, high-energy, creative impression. Whereas, for a more traditional organisation, a pinstripe suit or similar is likely to be your best bet. Essentially, it’s just a matter of mirroring the "house style" of dress.

Thoroughly check your outfit in advance for any fraying hems, missing buttons and the like, but don’t do this inspection while you are in reception waiting to be called in!

Don't forget to keep accessories – like handbags, shoes and briefcases – clean and smart, while a subtle, unfussy look is generally best for make-up and jewellery.

For hair, try to go for a neat, modern style that can be easily managed – and go easy on perfumes and aftershaves as smells can be quite intense, especially if you are seen in a small interview room.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be to convince your potential employer that you are the right person for the job. Pay attention to detail, plan ahead, seek advice if necessary, and, above all, look like someone who is already employed by the organisation.