What to look for in a vet

Published on: 1 Apr 2016

What makes a great vet

Image ©iStock.com/aspenrock

Obviously having the right qualifications is a prerequisite to becoming a vet, but what separates good vets from great vets and puts them in high demand, both from pet owners and the veterinary practices that are recruiting new staff? What to look for in a vet will naturally have mixed opinions, but here are a few factors that are crucial in being a great vet:

Communication skills

Great vets are excellent communicators, which means when they talk with pet owners they are able to determine the animal’s needs more easily. Great communicators are also able to explain each diagnosis and treatment plan in a way the owner will understand.

A passion for animals

Great vets don’t just like animals, they have a passion for them and are totally committed to the care they give.


By being compassionate to both the pet owners and their animals, a great vet will be able to make both the owner and their pet feel at ease when they visit the practice.

Manual dexterity

Great vets are able to tackle various situations with no problems. Restraining all sizes and types of animals for example, and having the ability to perform some very intricate surgical procedures show a vet with great manual dexterity.


Vets that are totally dedicated to what they do will continue to further their veterinary education throughout their career when the need arises. Great vets always want to be well informed and up to date with the latest procedures.

Quick at making decisions

In an emergency situation vets need to respond and make a decision as quickly as possible. An inability to make a decision quickly when needed could put an animal's life in danger

Sense of humour

A vet's job is a very demanding one, and there will be situations with unruly pets where a sense of humour can turn a frustrating situation into an enjoyable one. The veterinary nurse in this YouTube clip has to deal with a less than happy cat, but she remains smiling throughout, even though her feline friend is not having any of it.

So there are many qualities that determine a great vet from a good vet – which type are you?