Veterinary tales of the unexpected

Written by: vet times jobs
Published on: 6 Sep 2016

Full moon

Got all your qualifications? Bagged yourself a job in a top surgery? Think you're ready to handle anything?

First, check out these unusual cases that vets have had to deal with…

  1. The case of a Westie who swallowed a diamond earring
    Source: Daily Record
    A dog owner is trying to trace a woman hiker after her five-month-old Westie pup leaped up to lick the woman’s ear and swallowed her diamond stud – then “produced” it the next day.
  2. More cases of seizures in dogs during a full moon?
    Source: PetPlace
    Although this is a well-reported occurrence, there is no scientific proof relating to this theory, and it may be attributed to mythology relating to dogs and wolves.
  3. A cat survived a washing machine cycle
    Source: Vet Times
    The cat climbed into the machine to nap among the washing when its owner unknowingly closed the door and switched the machine on. They stopped the cycle as soon as they heard the cat inside, and rushed him to the vet. He was given IV fluids, kept warm and dry, and made a full recovery.
  4. A lady brought her duck to the vet to be examined because "it wasn’t swimming"
    Source: unknown
    When the concerned vet examined the bird, the lady had to be gently informed that her duck was, in fact, a chicken.

Service with a smile

Becoming a vet (or veterinary nurse) isn't only about passing exams or having excellent scientific knowledge, but also about developing a good rapport with pets and clients, and learning how to make people feel calm and comfortable in your surgery.

For many owners, their pet is one of the most important things in their lives. They place an enormous amount of trust in a vet, handing over their beloved animals to be cared for by someone else.

With this in mind, it's important to learn how to manage seemingly strange requests or situations with a smile, to create the best possible environment for pets and owners alike.