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SPONSORED: Understanding the value of Branch Partnership

Written by: Medivet
Published on: 13 Apr 2021

What does practice ownership mean to vets? For some, it means contributing to and serving their community and taking charge of their career. For others, it could be the desire to build a team and design their own clinic culture.

For many, it’s the chance to make their mark and achieve their ultimate goal – many are already aware of the financial rewards and feeling of fulfilment that comes from successful practice ownership.

Branch Partnership, for many vets, is a way to fulfil this ambition and realise their dream of owning their own practice. Unless you have explored all the different models of ownership, you may not be familiar with the personal, professional and financial value that becoming a Branch Partner with Medivet can add to your life and career.

Oliver Duprey

“I was ready to go from lead vet to Branch Partner. I always had the intention to own a practice at some point, and the Medivet approach is a real partnership – I don’t miss out on anything, I gain support.”

Oliver Duprey
Branch Partner, Medivet Southend

Like Oliver, veterinary surgeons around the country are taking steps to achieve their lifelong or shorter-term goals. This happens when they make the decision, with the right support, to invest in themselves and embrace the sense of achievement that follows.

Oliver was able to go into Branch Partnership at the right time for him, with a partner, so that they – and the practice – would benefit from their shared and combined expertise, as well as the guidance of Medivet.

Tine Van Egdon

“Everybody that owns a business has that responsibility to make that business work. So, you work harder, but also you have more satisfaction in working harder because you can see the results. If it wasn't for a Branch Partnership, I would have never owned my own vet business.”

Tine Van Egdom
Branch Partner, Medivet Portland

For veterinary surgeons and Branch Partners like Tine, Medivet’s partnership model was the ideal opportunity for turning ambition into reality.

Having relocated from South Africa, she was able to step into a partnership that was right for her and in the perfect location. In this and all partnerships, Medivet takes care of the commercial aspects of running a business so that vets can focus on developing their practice their way, all while being free to deliver clinical excellence at all times.

The professional value of becoming a Branch Partner is something that vets often feel but seldom discuss. In less-than-optimal practice conditions, they can feel unappreciated and trapped at a point in their career they wish they had more control over.

Entering into partnership means that they have unlimited support that nurtures a sense of fulfilment beyond what they personally feel. They’re able to grow clinically, furthering their knowledge so that they’re able to make decisions that positively impact the wider community, clients and colleagues. They’re part of building the best place to work in the industry.

“Branch Partnership really, massively improves how much you are appreciated and how much you feel that appreciation as well.”

Emma Evans
Branch Partner, Medivet Sutton Farm

Because Branch Partners own up to half of the business, they’re able to make viable decisions about care, treatment and culture. This equity ownership is made possible through thorough and tailored advice that is offered from the start by Medivet vets; guidance is there to find the right location, a genuine valuation is then undertaken and support is given to access the right loan or finance.

Vets are reassured that they can buy their shares at market value. This control and ownership means that Branch Partners can develop their clinic at their own pace and earn more than their colleagues for their input; they make, drive and share profit, all while sharing in a success story alongside a veterinary owned and led group that has vets’, and patients’, best interests at heart.

Simon Pudsey

“Branch Partnership allows me to retain a degree of agency and allows me to develop my branch, bond to it and be rewarded. And it's not simply financial. It's how I see myself within the branch, being able to develop it, being able to work with a team and look at that for the longer term, it's not about a short-term fix.”

Simon Pudsey
Branch Partner, Medivet Coventry

More than 150 vets have joined and are benefitting from being part of the Medivet community already.

“It's without doubt the best environment in which to go into ownership… you are supported by a massive wealth of experience in terms of business… and also from a clinical point of view. I have no regrets about becoming a Branch Partner, because there's enough scope in the Medivet model to be able to have your practice as you want it.”

Oliver Duprey
Branch Partner, Medivet Southend

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