Sort out your CV

Published on: 19 Aug 2014


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A job interview is your opportunity to really sell yourself to your potential employer, but in order to get an interview you should really take time out to look at your CV and view it through the eyes of a potential employer. Answer these questions honestly:

  • Is it a really good read?
  • Does it say "This is why you should interview me"?
  • Does it make the employer think "I want to know more about this person"?

Most employers will only glance through a CV, which means you need to get noticed quickly. So how can you renovate your CV and increase your chances of getting interviewed?

Follow these easy steps:

Personal profile

This should be only two or three sentences, and show that you have the required experience and why you want to be considered. This part of your CV should be changed for each job you apply for. For example, "After working as a vet in London for four years I’m now looking to continue this work that I love, but to work with farm animals daily as I was brought up on a farm". Never use statements like "hard working and focused" as any employer will expect all applicants to be that.


This section should tell employers why they should hire you and how you will be of benefit to the company. List your jobs in reverse order starting with the most recent position first. Put start/finish dates in years only as it will help to hide any gaps. The skills/experience gained in the recent jobs will help determine suitability for the role you are applying for. If your career history shows a lot of experience in the role you are applying for ensure this section has priority of place on your CV.


Position this section towards the top of your CV if you have achieved a qualification or great exam results relevant to the job you are applying for. If you left school/college a long time ago it is less relevant so this section is better placed near the end of the CV.