Should you accept a counter offer?

Written by: vet times jobs
Published on: 15 Feb 2018


Image © duncanandison / Adobe Stock

If you’ve been looking for a new job for a while and found your dream role, told your employer and, subsequently, received a counter offer, it may seem too tempting an offer to resist.

However, it is important to consider the counter offer and whether it’s worthwhile before you jump in. Here are some aspects to think about before you accept any counter offer:

Why are you leaving?

You started looking for a new job for a reason, does this really change anything? Is the counter offer really worth it if you are unhappy in the role?

There’s a lot more to being happy in a job than the money and benefits – if the culture doesn’t suit you, or you’re generally miserable at work, it may be worth rethinking accepting a counter offer.

Will the relationship suffer?

Many employers don’t take too kindly to their employees looking for alternative jobs. Believe it or not, some even take it as a personal attack.

If your employer has given you a counter offer, they obviously value your work – but what will happen with the relationship if you accept? Will the environment be awkward? Will you feel uncomfortable or, perhaps, even excluded?

Your employer may start looking for a replacement and look to push you out if they feel you are likely to leave anyway, so it is important to think about this. You may want to note their behaviour when others leave, as a point of reference. This will give you a good indication of what will happen in your situation.

Opportunities for progression

If your employer feels you are looking elsewhere, they may not consider you for future career progression. If you have received an offer for a job that includes good opportunities for development, you may want to carefully consider this, before thinking about counter offers.

Also, it is worth thinking about the type of employer you work for. If they only offered you a salary rise because you threatened to leave, are they really an employer you want to stick with?