See the sights as a veterinary locum

Written by: vet times jobs
Published on: 11 Apr 2016

UK travel

Image © Maksym Yemelyanov / Fotolia.

There aren’t many jobs that allow you to travel around and discover the country you live in. But, if you're a vet or a veterinary nurse, you're in a relatively privileged position and can travel the length and breadth of the UK with your job – or even further afield.

Of course, this isn't the case for everybody; if you have a family to consider then it simply isn’t an option. But if you’re newly qualified, you’re not sure where you want to put down roots and you want to see some different places in the UK, working as a locum can be an ideal way to do it.


Simply put: locums are in demand. There are lots of temporary vet and vet nurse jobs out there and, in many cases, the employer will even deal with the headache of accommodation for you. It might not be The Ritz, but it does mean you can simply arrive in a new town and you have a place to go.

This way of life means you’ll get to meet people and make valuable contacts through work, while getting to see parts of the UK you've probably never thought about visiting.

You don’t need to put down roots forever, but if you wanted to go and spend a few months in the Lake District or Wales, or even if you want to head to the bright lights of London, a locum position can be simply ideal.

Pick and choose

What's more, you don’t need to worry about whether it’s going to suit you or not, because you are not going to be there permanently – unless you like it, of course, then you can look for a longer term position.

Many vets from overseas prefer this way of working, because they get to pick and choose their location and get to experience authentic British life in a variety of different locations.

It’s like travelling, but with a job and housing taken care of.

British vets don’t take advantage of this amazing opportunity nearly as much as they should. So if you’re free and single, why not look into a temporary position somewhere that just tickles your fancy? It’s a great chance to try something new.