Maximise your potential

Published on: 9 Apr 2019

maximise potential

Image © Nivens

The job market has rarely been as competitive as it is today and, as the veterinary profession is no different from any other, you might find yourself floundering when you want to be swimming.

So here's a quick guide to maximising your potential when it comes to the task of job hunting.

Know thy enemy!

Or rather: "get to know your future employer". Research is an invaluable way to help ensure your application doesn't end up being shelved with dozens of others. Companies love it when you have an in-depth knowledge of what exactly it is they do.

When were they founded? Are they a rural firm? Do they have any particularly large clients in the region? The answers to such questions will reap dividends at the interview too, where your genuine interest in the firm or practice is sure to impress.


Nothing kills your chances like a poorly written CV or resume. Poring over it several times is likely to yield the same result; you'll miss the same mistake over and again. Don't rely too heavily on spell checkers either – they don’t know their "form" from their "from", so to be absolutely sure let a fresh and trusted set of eyes take a look at what you've written.

Know the competition

As important as knowing the company you are working for is knowing who the current movers and shakers are. Every industry has its luminaries – those who have perfected techniques or have created new and innovative ways of getting things done – and you can impress potential employers by demonstrating that you have your finger on the pulse. 

Join professional networks

You'd be surprised how many recruiters give your personal professional network page a once over before making a decision, so make sure that firstly you have one and secondly that it is regularly updated, well written and professional looking. The last thing you want is for them to look at your profile and see nothing but a dearth of activity, an old CV or no recent additions of any kind in the past few years.