Have you thought about becoming a veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep?

Written by: Vet Times Jobs
Published on: 16 May 2019

Pharmaceutical rep

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Although becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep is one of the less well-known careers open to people who want to help animals, it offers a fantastic opportunity to help vets, veterinary nurses and other professionals deliver better care to their patients.

Fresh treatment innovations are always coming online and your job as a sales rep will be to ensure your audience is aware of the new products on offer.

What does a pharmaceutical sales rep do?

As the name suggests, a sales rep markets new drugs, medical aids, equipment and related products to vets, veterinary hospitals and any other business who might be interested.

Not only do they ensure their audience is aware of fresh medications, recent scientific advances and other merchandise that may be of benefit, they also offer training, dosage advice and other related information.

A rep may market the products of a single manufacturer, or a range of different lines.

Qualifications and experience

Often accompanied by an attractive salary and generous benefits package, it’s little surprise that competition for sales rep jobs is fierce. Successful candidates are frequently educated to degree level, with marketing or animal science-based degrees being particularly useful.

Previous experiences in selling, working in a related field, or expertise in animal pharmacology are all helpful. Usually successful candidates will undertake an extensive in-house training programme before they can start visiting potential customers.

Help animals

Unlike many selling jobs, a veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep has the satisfaction of knowing they are providing products that will enhance animal well-being and hopefully increase successful treatment rates. Seeing how new products can ease the suffering of an animal that previously would have been untreatable is one of the best perks of the job.

Becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep is a demanding choice that requires a considerable amount of study as well as strong “people” skills.

Despite the rigorous requirements, the rewards the job can bring results in vacancies being generally over-subscribed, so ensure you aim to get appropriate experience as well as the right grades in order to maximise your chances of success.