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Creative approaches to bagging that perfect job

Published on: 12 Jan 2019


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Though unemployment figures are falling, any jobseekers out there will know that bagging that perfect position can still be tough and competition for the best jobs remains fierce.

In recent years, many potential employees have turned to weird and wonderful methods to help them get noticed – some of which have proved to be incredibly successful and others... well, let’s just say they haven’t yet found the right outlet for their unique talents.

To avoid making any attention grabbing mistakes of your own, why not learn from the successes and failures of other job candidates with a quick look at the dos and don'ts of creative interview techniques.

Do be thoughtful

The candidate that presented their potential employer with a CV printed on a chocolate bar not only bagged themselves a job, they also provided a tasty treat for the tired and hungry interviewer.

Don’t be over familiar

Bringing a treat or two along to an interview can be great, but the candidate who purchased gifts from their potential employer's online wish list came across as a little creepy.

Do put yourself out there

One jobseeker found a new position by wearing a homemade billboard outside their soon-to-be employer’s office. The company was so impressed with their initiative they promptly gave them a job.

Don’t put yourself too far out there

This is a tricky one to get right. Just the right amount of self-confidence can bag you a job whereas too much can quickly put a potential employer off. Just ask the candidate who backflipped into the interview room or the candidate who turned up dressed as a clown. Unfortunately, the interviewers failed to appreciate their talents and the job search goes on.

Do showcase your skills

One jobseeker spotted the perfect way to get noticed when a piece of office equipment broke during the interview. By showing initiative and skill in fixing the appliance, the candidate proved they’d be a great addition to the workspace.

Don’t try to show off irrelevant skills

As one candidate found out to their detriment, performing a tarot reading in an interview is neither appropriate nor relevant and is unlikely to bag you the job unless you’re interviewing for the circus.