Correct attire for a veterinary interview

Written by: vet times jobs
Published on: 12 Apr 2018


Image: PublicCo / Pixabay

It is surprisingly difficult to make the right clothing choice when attending an interview in a veterinary setting.

Unless you get a clear itinerary of what the interview will involve, you don't know for sure whether you will be in an office or moving into an exam room. Taking urine from a cat could ruin your nice clothes, but attending an interview in an outfit for running such errands may create a poor first impression.

A mixed bag

The common advice is to arrive in “business-casual” dress, but this phrase means something different to everyone. Some people would say khakis and a polo shirt are fine, while others would say that’s overly casual.

For women, some would say a skirt is a little over the top, while others would say it is appropriate. Suits can also be an area of contention; some appreciate the professional look, while others feel it is too much.

No definitive answer

Based on responses from practitioners in charge of hiring vets, it would seem some have preferences one way, some another way, and some don't really mind what you wear.

It is recognised that many people interviewing for a vet position will already be working in a similar role elsewhere and may come to their interview straight from work.

Different practices, generally, have slightly different dress codes for employees, but if you do have to turn up for an interview in your scrubs, make sure you aren't doing so in a transparent attempt to impress.

A little reconnaissance

When you visit a practice before your interview – or if you look at their website – you may be able to get a sense of what employees wear on a day-to-day basis. This can be a good way to guide you on what look to go for.

Ultimately, you want to impress when attending your interview. As a rule of thumb, take the “business-casual” approach – well-fitting clothes that look smart and professional, without looking overly formal. Also, steer away from clothing choices that may be seen as contentious or controversial.

First impressions are important and it will be noted if you are seen to make the effort in this department.