Confidence is key

Published on: 20 Aug 2014

Confidence level

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With a million and one pieces of advice about job interview techniques floating around the net, it’s hard to take it all in. You’re told to dress this way, remember to say that, to ask these questions but to avoid those pitfalls.

It could seem like you’re trapped in a labyrinth with success at its centre. But take heart, interviewee, because success is as obtainable as anything else in life if you have confidence in yourself.

This confidence will come from preparation coupled with a positive attitude. Yes, you were invited for an interview so your prospective employer has seen potential in you, but it’s likely that you’re not the only one. Time to stand out from the crowd.

Taking preparation to the next level

Anyone can slip into a suit and groom themselves to Crufts champion standards before an interview. Dressing to impress will only get you so far, the rest will come from spoon-feeding your interviewer the very reasons why you are the candidate they’re looking for.

With this in mind, start your research and take the time to do it thoroughly. Dive in to the company website and read up on everything you can find, including their staff. Decide where you will fit in to the environment, not just in your new job role but also within the community of those you will be working closely with.

Put yourself on trial; examine your strengths and weaknesses and decide how these skills will impact on your duties – then push the boundaries of these duties. Do you have a skill set outside of those required that would give you an edge? Or even any ideas about taking the job role further? Write it all down and drill everything in to your mind.

Confidence will flow naturally

Don’t shoot for over confidence, instead aim for a natural rapport to develop through the confidence you have in yourself coming from your abundance of preparation.

Just remember, your interviewer saw something in you; that’s why you’re there. Have confidence in your abilities and trust that the job is yours and you will shine.