Arm yourself with some killer questions

Published on: 30 Jan 2019


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In most interviews you can expect to be on the receiving end of the questions until, before the end, you’re asked the dreaded "any questions" question.

You may not actually have any, in which case say so, adding that the interviewer covered everything in great detail – a bit of well-aimed flattery is OK in this instance. On the other hand, if you do have some killer questions, you can make a lasting impression, which is always good.

Five killer questions:

1. What challenges does your company or practice face at present?

This is one of those open-ended question that may elicit a fairly bland answer, or you may get a real insight into possible opportunities or obstacles at your future place of work. Just by asking this one, you show that you are interested in the company’s future and not just your own.

2. Why did the last person leave and what is staff turnover like?

The answer to this could also provide an insight into the atmosphere at the company. If you are replacing someone who was dismissed for a disciplinary matter, you may get a sense of the work culture at the practice, or attitude of your potential employer. It will also demonstrate that this matters to you.

3. Is there any scope for further training?

This may have been covered in the interview already, if so, even phrasing the question slightly differently or asking the interviewer to confirm the training opportunities will show you’re thinking ahead and have a positive attitude to learning new skills or enhancing existing ones.

4. How do you measure and review my performance?

This is another fairly open-ended question, but it does show that you expect to get feedback on your work. In a sales role performance may be easier to measure than in a vets’ practice but you want to confirm that how you perform is important, as is feedback and constructive criticism. You also want to know that if you do your job well, this is recognised – and rewarded!

5. So when do I start?

You can ask this one with a smile, by all means, but don’t be scared to ask for the job. If you do really want the job, ask for it. It’s unlikely you’ll get a confirmation there and then, but it shows you want the job and you’ll let them see you have some chutzpah!