Are we becoming a ‘CareerFrustration Nation’?

Published on: 25 Feb 2015

Joe Swash

While kicking-off the year with a resolution is always borne out of the best intentions, many of us will have already fallen off the wagon – and it's not even the end of February yet!

Whether the intention was to give up smoking, lose weight or get a new job, we can't help but wonder why so many people give up so easily. Is it down to the hard-to-resist forces found in comfortable old habits? Or perhaps boredom kicks-in with new hobbies or regimes, making over a quarter of well-meaning Brits drop their latest fad.

Whatever it is, new research by Stonebridge Associated Colleges found that 48% of people said they didn’t feel they were in the best job for them, with a further 20% even admitting they were unhappy with their current job.

Yet despite this clear trend of dissatisfaction, researchers discovered these occupational woes were still some way from the top of most people’s 2015 priorities.

With this in mind, actor and presenter Joe Swash took to the streets to encourage Brits to conduct what Stonebridge has dubbed "The You Review" – a personal audit designed to help them discover what is stopping them and many others from making a career change.

From interviewing the general public, Stonebridge students, and a Further Education expert, Joe found that many people just don't know how to change, but discovered retraining could be the ideal answer for those wishing to change career. In fact, 62% of Brits surveyed said they would consider retraining in order to progress with their career goals.

Stonebridge, for example, runs more than 600 distance learning courses for those looking to retrain – including a Veterinary Support Assistant Course. This course is broken down into 16 modules that contain the information needed to get the learner started in the field of animal nursing; from veterinary medical terminology and anatomy and physiology, to handling, diagnostics, diseases and operation care.

With this and many other training opportunities available through other providers, you shouldn't wait until the next New Year – start the journey to a new you now!