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4 tips to becoming a veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep

Written by: vet times jobs
Published on: 21 Nov 2017

Pharmaceutical sales rep

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In the animal health care sector, the role of a veterinary pharmaceutical sales representative is an important one. They provide the link between drugs manufacturers and the veterinary practices, allowing for the very best in health provision for any animals treated.

If you have always wanted to pursue this as a career, or are thinking of changing roles, here are a few tips to help you on your way...

1. Brush up on your people skills

A large part of the role will be dealing with people – liaising with veterinary practice managers or vets themselves. As such, the ability to act in a professional, yet warm manner is essential. Not only will this make you more successful at the job itself, but it will also make you a pleasant person to deal with.

2. Make sure your CV is up to date

This tip applies to everyone, but is especially true if you are already in employment and are thinking of switching roles.

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure your CV is current and includes as much relevant information as possible. Include your people skills as above, but also any experience you may have in the sector, along with anything else that may be helpful.

3. Develop your organisational skills

A key aspect in the role of a veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep is being highly organised. This is not only so you can plan field visits effectively to maximise your working day, but also so you always present the correct image to clients.

Part of this also involves making sure you are fully prepared before any meetings with a vet or veterinary practice manager, and know your products thoroughly.

4. Networking is king

Anyone looking to break into the veterinary pharmaceutical sales rep sector would be wise to network within the industry as much as possible.

While this may seem hard if you are not involved already, attending events – such as public seminars – will help you meet people and find out more about how to move into the role.

As you can see, there are some easy, but effective ways to give your job search a boost if you are looking to pursue a career in this sector.